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Returning to Practice? Get Your Inventory Organized

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As a result of the recent global situation, offices have been closed or have had to adjust how they operate, which means dental supply inventory may have been sitting on the shelf for several months. As we return to a new normal, it is prudent to go through your supply stock levels and review medications and implants, as they may have become expired or are nearing their expiration date. Given the newest guidelines focused specifically on PPE requirements, it is more important than ever to know what available supplies you have on hand (including masks, gowns and which levels/types), become notified and prompted to re-order when supplies have reached minimum stock levels, and also determine which products and medications to use first dependent on their expiration dates to reduce waste.

Not only will you have the peace of mind knowing you are prepared to effectively and safely provide the required treatments for patients, but also have the necessary equipment to protect yourself, as well as ensuring the safety of your staff.

Although it may sound like tedious work to take a complete inventory of your supplies, it is in fact a great opportunity to identify deficiencies, surpluses and areas which require attention. As you sort through your cupboards and drawers, consider labeling your shelves and grouping similar items so they can be easily discovered by any staff member. Not knowing exactly where stock is stored can contribute to order redundancies. It can also limit proper treatment planning, effective ordering, and accurate reporting, not to mention can cause a costly oversight.

Once you have an accurate and organized system in place, inventory becomes much easier to maintain. To prevent having to go through this counting process over and over again, it is highly recommended to implement an inventory management system that will not only streamline your existing procedures but also save you and your staff time.

Sowingo offers a comprehensive solution that empowers dental teams with real-time visibility and control of all matters relating to inventory, ordering, and reporting. The platform is cloud-based, offering instant access to inventory data from any computer or device, at any time and from any place. Sowingo offers several inventory and practice management solutions including:

Mobile phone with barcode scanner to scan inventory in and out of office
Inventory Management Mobile & Web App

Scan dental items in and out with powerful low stock re-order alerts

Be empowered to have your supplies organized online, and scan items in and out using the Sowingo cloud-based mobile app and barcode scanner. Custom dental inventory lists track all your sundries such as gloves, gauze and bibs with re-order alerts. One of our great features is to know at a glance what you have, where it came from, what you paid, where it’s stored and when it expires.

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Laptop with supply order history

Purchase and Manage Orders

Create and send purchase orders directly to your suppliers with ease

Add dental products to your shopping list and easily create purchase orders to send to your preferred suppliers. Automatically restock dental inventory as products are received and track partial fulfillment or back orders. Manage all your orders from suppliers to save money, time and become a better organized dental office.

List of office medications with inventory quantity and expiration dates


Know when important medications are expiring or out of stock

Sorted into emergency and general dental medications. Receive critical alerts when medication are running low or about to expire so you can always stay organized and prepared.

Safety data sheets SDS

SDS Sheets Directory

Easy access to SDS Sheets all in one easy to use places

Our unique features allow you to manage electronic records of all your SDS sheets (previously referred to as MSDS) and ensure you can find exactly what your looking to avoid a $12,000 fine.

Online marketplace for dental supply purchasing


Click, order and re-order, buying made simple

Our simple yet fully featured online marketplace allows for price comparison shopping and one click re-ordering at your fingertips.

Reports and analytics for office inventory, spend and usage

Usage and Spending Reports

Understand how, when & where your money is being spent in the office

Instantly review easy to read detailed reports on where and how your money is being spent. Understanding spending can give insights to better plan and negotiate with vendors to avoid last minute orders.

Sterilization compliance

Sterilization Compliance and Accurate Record Keeping

Stay compliant with important infection control requirements

Keep track of your dental instruments and sterilization in terms of biological & chemical testing with easy-to-use online record keeping to keep your dental practice compliant with your industry best practices.

Implant management and tracking with lot numbers


Track implant sizes & expiration dates so you’re always prepared

Easily track purchased and consignment implant supplies with our inventory management mobile and cloud-based web app. Sowingo’s features also enables tracking of cover screws, healing abutments, bone grafts and membranes. Our comprehensive cloud database makes it simple to maintain a real-time and accurate history for all implants and regenerative materials. Implants are tracked by lot number for easy access in case of a recall.

System for tracking office compliance and certifications


Receive critical renewal reminders all in one easy to use location

Manage and track legal certifications forResponsive-Device-Mockups-Recovered-1024x578 staff licenses, insurance, equipment or permits all in one place. Easily setup automatic email renewal reminder notifications, so your dental practice is stress free.

From inventory management to purchase orders to spend and usage reports and more, our speciality is helping your dental practice stay organized. For more info on our product, feel free to book a demo so our sales team can answer all your questions.

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Sowingo is also offering a FREE 14-day-trial – Check out how easy it is to manage your certifications.

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