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Technology & How it can Benefit your Dental Practice

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Are you looking for ways to improve your dental practice? Considering investing in technology but unsure if it will be worth your while? Read this article to find out the top technology that dentists are currently using in their offices and how it can improve your practice in the long run.

We are currently living in the 21st century and we’ve been lucky enough to witness the advances in technology throughout the years and have seen first-hand how it has come to improve our lives, so why not upgrade the technology you use in the office to improve your dental practice?

Making a change in the office can not only increase your efficiency, but your productivity as well by being able to extend your service line. With so many advances in the dental industry, it is worth taking the opportunity to discover the options that are now available and seeing how they can benefit you and your practice. Here, we will discuss what items dentists have invested in and couldn’t imagine their practice without.

Alginate Impressions? Never Heard of it!

Time and time again, we have heard many patients grumble when it comes to having alginate impressions done. Most complain about the taste or some people have more of a difficult time having it done as it triggers their pharyngeal reflex. An item to consider investing in would be an intraoral scanner.

There are many uses for the intraoral scanner and it can be helpful in producing items such as aligners/retainers. It can also be useful when planning for orthodontic treatment, as well as preparing for restorative work such as implants, veneers and crowns.

Many benefits come along with the use of the scanner but the biggest of them all is the accuracy that it provides you rather than your traditional impressions and also the convenience for your patients. And should you notice any discrepancies in the imaging, you can always retake the scan without subjecting your patients to another round of alginate impressions.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Laser Dentistry!

Have you ever considered using laser dentistry in your practice? As technology advances, laser dentistry has grown to become more and more popular. With laser dentistry, many things can be achieved and this list only keeps growing.

Currently with laser dentistry you can do things such as whiten teeth, eradicate lesions, reshape the gums, and check for cavities as well as remove tooth decay.

There are also many other benefits for your patients that come along with it. Your patients will be prone to less blood loss, they will have less damage to their gums and the laser will also sterilize their gums making the chances of infection less likely. If you haven’t considered it before, perhaps laser dentistry could be just what you need to take your practice to the next level!

Who Needs Papers & Pens?

For many years and still to this day, plenty of dental practices still use the outdated method of tracking their inventory using the tired method of paper and pen. This can take countless hours and it is also prone to human error. If your practice currently tracks inventory this way, perhaps taking a look into an alternative and up-to-date option would be beneficial for you.

Sowingo offers you an inventory management platform that can be accessed from anywhere by either using your computer or IOS device. With this software, you will be able to track all items of your inventory such as personal protective equipment, implants, abutments, bone grafts, and many other miscellaneous items. You can keep your sterilization records documented on the platform and it will also alert you when items are close to expiring or if you’re low in stock.

What’s Best for You?

These are just a few of the advances that have come along in the world of dentistry and with many more available and definitely more to come. Take a second to reflect on where your practice may need improving or what patients are looking for when it comes to selecting a dental office.  Whether it be transitioning to a paperless office, investing in digital radiographs or an intraoral scanner, there are many avenues you can consider.

We’re Here for You!

Our team at Sowingo is here to help you. Sowingo has created an inventory management software that will help your practice reduce unnecessary spending by monitoring your inventory, providing you with stock alerts, and easily managing budgets. Book a demo today to learn more about what we can offer you!

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