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“After one year Sowingo has become the hub of our clinic, from inventory management to certificate management and sterilization. I Strongly recommend Sowingo to anyone who wants everything organized with peace of mind.”

Dr. Timucin Ari
Owner - Pediatric Oral Health and Dentistry
Man smiling in a suit in a dental office
“For years I’ve been waiting for something other than a spreadsheet or a cardfile to track my implant usage and inventory. When I found Sowingo, it sounded like exactly what I needed.”
Dr. Alan Dalessandro DDS
Owner - Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics
“Not only do I use Sowingo in my North Carolina dental practice, I recommend Sowingo during my implant and business courses at Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry. Clinicians looking for help in their dual roles as business owner and dentist must try Sowingo.”
Dr. Bobbi Stanley
Owner - Stanley Dentistry
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“Sowingo has helped us gain control of an enormous implant inventory with an intuitive and attractive user interface.”
Andrea Rhodes
MBA, Administrator - Carolinas Oral & Facial Surgery Center

“Sowingo takes away my inventory management headaches! Clear, simple, user friendly yet powerful for our practice. Implants, general inventory, medications, everything is taken care of in the same place and easy to use. Sowingo is also backed by all-star support. I highly recommend this app.”

Dr. Andrew Zakrzewski D.M.D., M.Sc. F.R.C.D. (C)
Owner - Parodontie Implantologie Lebourgneuf, Quebec City

“In an attempt to control overhead and avoid supply shortfalls we worked for years to create a solid inventory management system for our practice. All of our efforts were lackluster and we regularly abandoned each system in search of something that would work to meet our needs. Fortunately, we were introduced to Sowingo and have not looked back. Using Sowingo we currently manage all of implant supplies, emergency and anesthesia medications, as well as a team credentials. Our plan is to implement Sowingo to track and manage our entire general inventory along with office supplies. If you are struggling with overstock, supplies expiring unnecessarily, or need to tighten up your supply costs, I highly recommend Sowingo. We are extremely happy with the system and have yet to use it to its full potential.”

Dr. Russell Kirk
Owner - Tennessee Implant & Oral Surgery

Sowingo is a great application to use to keep track of all supplies going in out of your office. We found this app to be greatly beneficial especially for our supplies that get used up quickly such as implant, healing abutments, bone grafting materials and absorbable membranes. With this easy-to-use app we had great confidence in our supplies and knew exactly when to order! I would recommend this app to everyone!

Takanari Miyamoto DDS PhD MSD MBA
Diplomats of American Board of Periodontology
Woman smiling sitting in a dental office
“Sowingo has simplified inventory management for our multi-location practice. Using a single application we have the ability to track our sundries, implants, grafting materials, sterilization records as well as certifications and license renewals. Sowingo is very user-friendly and the team provides constant support.”
Stephanie McPhail
Procurement Officer - Arygle Associates Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
“Sowingo is a great app and cloud based software that allows us to keep track of our inventory, sterilization records and much more. Being a Canadian company they really understand what our needs are and how to implement them in a user friendly format. Customer service is always quick and efficient. After comparing several other companies and apps we are very happy with Sowingo.”
Nadia D
Administrative Team - Wilson Dental Centre
“Before Sowingo our offices would manually keep track of our implants, healing abutments and cover screws.  Thats 6 offices and 6 different sets of implants by 2 different manufacturers, needless to say trying to not only keep product in stock we would physically write down all expirations dates and try to remember to swap product on the verge of expiring before it was to late.  This process took a few days to complete and that was on a monthly basis.  
Now, with Sowingo its not just a time saver but also a money saver.  With just a click of a button I can see all 6 offices inventory and all the work is done for my with tracking expirations dates and alerts me when product is low and needs to be reordered.  Cost is down, time is saved and everyone wins.  
I would recommend Sowingo not only for inventory control but time management plays a big role as well.”
Shannon Braun
Dental Implant Coordinator - Midwest Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery

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