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Practice Agility Advisor – December 2022 Edition

Notable Dental News December 2022

Check out the VIBE inside Toronto’s first luxury dental office | November 24, 2022

Paste Dental aims to start a new era of dentistry by combining advanced digital dental technology, hospitality oriented services and a stunning design aesthetic. Equipped with cutting edge technology, aromatics, an espresso bar and more, this new office makes a visit to the dentist something to look forward to. Read More



Green Shield commits an additional $10 million to boost access and coverage for oral health care for low-income, underserved communities across Canada | December 5, 2022

Oral health is a critical aspect to healthcare, but one in five Canadians avoid going to the dentists due to cost. Green Shield is a non-profit organization that is supporting access to care through community clinics, oral health education and service navigation, and arms-length independent evaluation research conducted by universities. Read More



Holiday Tips to Protect Your Teeth

The holidays are around the corner! It’s a wonderful time of year to indulge in your favourite foods, but all those treats may take a toll on your oral health, these tips can help keep your teeth healthy and smile bright:




New West Dental Lab Introduces EndSnorZ™ Sleep Appliance | December 12, 2022

New West Dental Lab has created new innovative technology that allows dentists to treat patients with sleep apnea. The new EndSnorZ appliance combined CAD/CAM processes with 3D printing technologies to deliver an exceptional dental experience for both dentist and patient. Read More



Poor Oral Hygiene Could Result In Potentially Fatal Brain Abscesses | December 12, 2022 

We all know the importance of oral health, but yearly trips to your dentist can save your life! A new study suggests a link between poor oral hygiene and fatal brain abscesses. Read more



Dental practitioners didn’t face increased risk of COVID during clinical activities | December 13, 2022

At the height of the pandemic, it was believed that working in a dental clinic gave an increased risk of COVID because of the close proximity to a patient’s mouth and nose. However, a new study published in JAMA Network Open says otherwise. Read More



3D Printing Disrupts the Dental Industry | December 13, 2022

3D printing is one of the greatest tools to enter the dental industry in recent years – it has the potential to reduce material costs and within an efficient workflow. Is 3D printing right for your practice? What are the pros and cons? Check out these articles to learn more:




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