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Dental Resources

“We saved over $30,000 in our first year, plus my staff love it”

It is challenging being a dentist now, more than ever, there are cost, regulatory and patient expectations.

Tracking Spending

More than ever visibility into spend is important. Being able to report on it requires tracking. Inventory tracking can ensure margins are not squeezed, but managing 150 items or more is challenging. It can be done manually using techniques as described in the link or you can choose to use a software like Sowingo to gain more insight and save time.
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Implant Ordering & Pricing

Implants are expensive, but can be profit centres for clinics. It’s vital to manage implant ordering and pricing for the related surgeries to be able to succeed. Sowingo can helps you not only track your implant costs, but expiry, placement time, date and position and more these insights can help make this area of your practice successful. Often there are questions about pricing this following article provides guidance.
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There can be so much to manage, but when it comes to compliance it can mean the difference between being able to practice or not. It’s not just about sterilization and SDS, but also involves certification management and the list goes on. It’s challenging as these requirements area not only about your college registration, but also includes all of your staff certifications and immunization records, equipment records and servicing as well as the office certification is all crucial. The same is true for sterilization you are also responsible for all the staff’s actions or lack there of. OSAP has a wealth of resources in this area.
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