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Leverage Software to Control Your Inventory


If your practice provides dental implants, you already know that patient expectations are high and that they anticipate the very best results from this specific treatment option. Careful management of these expectations, and your implant inventory, is essential to ensure effective day-to-day operations. Just as a successful implant treatment involves many skills, managing implant inventory requires careful preparation and efficient protocols.

Keeping track of implant inventory, and streamlining how you manage the flow of dental implants in and out of your practice, are crucial factors for success. That said, one of the significant challenges most dental offices face is managing and maintaining inventory successfully.

In need of a comprehensive solution to keep your office productive and your implant inventory under control? It’s simple — implement an inventory management software and leverage its tools.


Invest in Software 


With today’s advances in technology, there is software available that can help streamline day-to-day processes. Both practice management and inventory software provide seamless integration to help dentists and their teams focus on patients more efficiently. Inventory management software allows for unique features, including native barcode scanning, reporting, automated ordering reminders, and patient lot number tracking. It will also enable practices to control spending and usage by seeing the complete product order history; the price paid, total spend, and more.

Order Mindfully


Many dental practices believe that overstocking inventory is essential so that all options will be readily available when needed. Dental offices that offer implants must maintain a balance of implants, abutments, membranes, and bone grafts. When it’s time to place an order, inventory management software allows you to easily view stock levels, order history, the price paid, usage patterns or anomalies, and total spend broken down by category, supplier, or manufacturer.

Purchase Around Expiration Dates 


If an overstock of implants expires, it directly affects the practice workflow. It’s essential to manage your stock levels and be organized by ordering implant products in advance. But there is a fine line between being prepared and being wasteful. If you have the right amount of product on hand, treatment can be offered much quicker and commence at the patient’s earliest convenience. But if an oversupply of stock is left unattended and expired, you’re potentially dealing with considerable monetary loss. Sowingo’s Inventory Management system, for example, can notify practices with customized alerts about implants reaching their expiration dates.

Centralize Inventory


An abundance of supplies is necessary for a dental practice to operate smoothly. Inventory management systems provide a real-time view of stock levels. Team members can update inventory counts, including implant lot numbers, expiration dates, locations, prices, and overall inventory levels. The process is user-friendly and specifically developed to streamline inventory protocols. By simply scanning the dental supply box with your mobile barcode scanner, team members can add, remove, or find details for specific products within the centralized inventory location.

Manually managing inventory is a thing of the past. Ensure that your practice is functioning efficiently and profitably with a proper inventory management system in place!


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